Whether it be a company marketing tool or a present for your relatives, we can design and manufacture a calendar to suit you

At The Big Picture Factory we can create a large array of calendars to suit your needs.

Business calendars

Get your business name out there by sending your clients a calendar as a Chirstmas present. Whether this be a standard wiro bound calendar or a simple fridge magnet, this is a subtle way of reminding people about your business.

Personal CalendarPersonal calendars

Are you looking for a creative and unique Christmas present for your family or friends? Why not let us help you to create a calendar with photos of your family.

We can even print on your family member's birthdays.

This is bound to make any Grandparent's Christmas day!

Various options are available including:

  • Full colour or black and white
  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Various stock - paper or card of various thicknesses
  • Unique shapes
  • Saddle Stitched - A typical style calendar which is staple bound
  • Wiro Bound - The pages are punched and bound with a coated-wire spiral spine

    Wiro bound calendar coverCalendar Wiro Bound

  • Plastic Spiral Bound - Similar to wiro binding, the pages are punched and bound with a plastic spiral spine
  • Padded Calendar for competitionPadded - The individual pages are padded with glue and can be ripped off after the month or day is over.

Suitable for desk calendars with a rip of sheet for each day or for unique uses such as each month becoming an entry form for a competition.


  • Fridge magnet - Simple annual calanders that can be stuck to a fridge - an affordable option which has your company logo in a prominent position on one of a households most visited items
  • Desk calendars - calendars that can stand freely on a desk - with either daily or monthly views.

Free standing calendar coverFree-standing calendar








There is no minimum number required for orders.

We can either create your artwork, modify existing artwork, or simply print directly from your existing artwork.

What Do You Need to Provide?

Choose from the following options:

  • Provide us with your electronic artwork by email, on a thumbdrive or on disc.
  • Provide us with your requirements and logos and we'll do the artwork for you.
  • If you wish to have photos printed on the calendars:
    • Provide us with your electronic photos by email, on a thumbdrive, or on disc.
    • Bring in photos for us to scan if you don't have an electronic copy.
    • Provide old or damaged photo for us to restore.
    • Let our professional photographer do the photography for you.

Can't decide what would look best for your item? One of our creative and knowledgable team members can suggest options for you.

For further information, for a quote or to place an order please email or phone (08) 9478 2611.